I'm a newbie to posting but I've been lurking on this site for awhile and it seemed to have some great opportunities to connect with other beekeepers.
My Name is Scott Barlow, I've been a bee haver off & on since the early 90s.
A couple of years ago a friend from work who is also a beekeeper challenged me to get my NC Beekeeper certs. I took his challenge and now am a Journeyman level NC Beekeeper and working on my Masters with NC State.
I still have much to learn and enjoy bees greatly.
My wife and kids don't get it yet but they tolerate my interests.
I had worked up from one new hive a couple of years ago to 10 last fall but last summer here was not a good season for honey production and now 8 of my 10 hives didn't make it. But as our friends down under say "No worries Mate!" With the Lord's help we'll build back up. My goal is 200+ hives in 5 years. I told the wife I kept her and the kids up the first 25 years she can keep me and my bees up the last 25 or more.