Hello all !

I am a total beginner. I have had an interst in beekeeping for along time.
I was intimidated by the hives,,tools, & the cost of bees to fill em...

My time has come...

I was called to daycare to repair damage to the shed & roof.

they are FULL of bees!!!. I rushed home & built 2 top-bar hives form online instructions I found !!!

Now Im needing some advise!

how do I lure them into the new hives?

The ones in the shed are very mellow even when I tapped on the wall.
The one in the EVEs however, reminded me that I cant sprint!!!! LOL !!
still took a few stingers on the face. lol....

i need to peel back the wall sheeting on the shed & the roofing also. wondering if ther are any tips to get them into my hive instad of flying away.
after I remove it......

I don't have a smoker. thought I could make a rude one untill I get paid for the repair.... lol

I'm gonna bundle up like that kid on "A Christmas Story" lil brother.
(you'll shoot your eye out kid... lol)

I couldn't find any sweet grass oil, I did rub a lil bananna inside.
I have orange trees , would they attract . if I put some blossoms in the hive?

As you can tell I am Very green & have a searious intrest....

AKA Glassinfreno