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    Reminder Brood frames wanted

    I am fearful that my hive populations will not be up to strength for splitting when my queens arrive the week of April 6th. While I will consider buying 5 frame nucs and splitting them right away, I am mostly interested in buying sealed brood frames and the bees on them. I might buy up to 40 of such frames at your price, prefer not to give you new frame but would if I had to. If you can commit to selling brood for pick up April 3-5th please let me know.

    I am near Greenville NC, prefer to do this within 5-6 hours of home.

    Send me a PM and I'll send you additional contact info.

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    Default frames of brood

    I am coming up the I95 corridor on thursday or friday. Would you be interested then? We could meet somewhere.

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    Doug you are the man...
    I am working Friday and off Thursday. I am an hour from 95. COnsidering how much earlier it is than my April 6th date I'd have to ask how much for the frames? Not as flexible price wise then. But are you in VA? Could they be picked up there later?

    You in semi?


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