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    Quote Originally Posted by beemandan View Post
    What piece of information convinced you, over 10 years ago, that you needed these additives?
    Well Beemandan, I'm, as we speak looking at a sample profiles of my bee pollen dated 4-95.

    What I've been doing for the past ten plus years is.... Trying to match what natural bee pollen is, ie, in the lab profiles.

    Take "ash" , bee pollen avg at 2.46 so does that mean we should have sub made at that level ? I don't have the answer to that, but I wish I did.

    What I do is I have different pollen sub's go on my bees and I look to see if there are any major changes over winter and spring. Now does this prove that I'm on the right track, no of coure not, but I have done some things that have shown MAJOR changes in the hive.

    SO, to make short story long, I think this topic has legs.
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