"Regarding pH levels, the comparison between sugar syrup and honey doesn’t seem proper. Shouldn’t it be sugar syrup to nectar? I assumed…maybe incorrectly…that most nectars were close to neutral since many, if not most plants thrive in nearly neutral soils. The lowering of pH was a product of the enzymes and other additions made in the bees’ honey stomachs. Was I wrong in my assumption?" (beemandan)

This is a good question. What is it that causes the low PH of honey? Is it caused by the enzymes from the bees' honey stomachs? Or is some nectar naturally in the lower PH range? Also, will the PH of sugar syrup become lower after the bees make honey from it?

As for the PH of sugar syrup, I made a 2:1 and found the PH to be this:
PH of sugar syrup (2:1 sugar water): 6.10
Distilled water was used.

you can use an electronic PH meter such as the one on here: