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    Default Learning beekeeper in central VA

    A quick question in this unseasonal 70-80 degree weather! Last week 10 inches of snow and record cold with 9 degrees, both hives I started last spring had bees flying by the end of the week, (always a good sign as I expect devestation at every turn! ) with temps in the 60's. Temps. will moderate later in the week into the 50's with 30-40's overnight. The question is. with the warm snap in early March, is it too early in the season to carry out a complete inspection of my hives today? Need to peak anyway as I placed pollen patties couple weeks ago.

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    yes i would start feeding asap ,on a warm day with a temp of 60 or better i might take a look in the hives, i looked in mine today with a temp of 70 and found every thing ok didn't look to hard for the queen but seen a lot of sign that she was working


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