Well, I just got back in from checking out my hives. Temp hit 53 today before the clouds rolled in. One of the prettiest sights to see, methinks, is bees flying to and from the hives after a long winter. They seemed to be everywhere for a while, and traveled quite far from the hives, apparently searching for food. While I was out with them the sun went behind the clouds, so I only inspected for feed (dry sugar and pollen patties), and did not move any frames. Hopefully, there is brood down inside. Below are some pics I took. There's a limit of four per post, so I am doing a part 1 and part 2. I reduced the pics way down to make them load faster. Hope the quality is not too bad.

The hives are at the north end of my lawn along a line of trees. Still a lot of snow on the ground, but it is mostly clear around the hives. You can see the nucs behind the main hives.

Here’s a closer shot. The black dots on the snow are actually bees in the air. From left to right: NWC, NWC, Buckfast, Buckfast, Russian, Russian. Nucs are Minnesota Hygienics.
The electric fence w/solar charger stays up all winter and, yes, it keeps a charge.

Close ups inside the hives follow in part 2, if you are interested.


Admiral, there be bees here!