First off let me start by telling you all that I did not open my hives since fall. The hive that I thought was in bad shape and low on stores in in fact doing very well. The other hive is also booming, I saw both queens and fresh laid eggs. There are no drones, nor was there capped drone cells thst I saw.
What did suprise me was the fact that they were bringing in 4 different colored pollens.(orange-red, orange, yellow, and greyish)
Both were overwintered in 1 deep and 1 medium, They have used not even half of what I left them, I left each about 50 pounds extra what I knew they needed because it was my first winter and I didn't want to screw up and take too much. I did good.
As I finished up I took off my inspector jacket and walked over to them 1 more time and WAM I got stung right on the inside of my nose. Can you say ouch, actually it wasn't that bad. It just startled me and then I was chased off by 1 guard. I went in the houst to the bathroom mirror and pulled out the stinger, and I have very little swelling.
So it was a great warm saturday inspection, the hives are in excellent shape and I will be doing splits in another month most likely. I hope all of you got thru winter as well as my hives did. This is my 10th month beekeeping, Mother's day will be my 1 year anniversary