hi, i'm jeff from tampa fl. I have had a hive in the wall of my shed for the last six years and have been letting them be and we have all gotten along. It became necessary to repair the wall they were in not because of damage they did but just the siding rotting. I took a beginners bee class and then got a hive and tools and moved them into it on Valentines day. Some of them swarmed out of this hive the following week and I then captured them and put them in another hive. These bees left this hive two days ago but they are still in a pile at the front door on the ground. I have put a sheet over them and the hive but not sure what to do . I have e-mailed to the local bee group a few weeks ago but have gotten no response . Even at the bee class the "experts" sid I should just kill these bees as they were "wild" but I never have been stung except once when I was picking up the first swarm when they moved to a dangerous place for them and the public. The first hive seems to be doing fine. Any help would be appreciated.