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Thread: Happy Beek!

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    Default Happy Beek!

    We've had a few useasonably warm days here lately. so I've been able to get out to the hives and do a quick check and feed.
    While I was working in the hives I got to thinking about the last few years I've been playing with the bees.
    I've learned to do a little woodworking(building boxes and such) Learned to slow down and take it easy a little more, met some great people, and gotten to get some new toys(Ilove toys!) And this year I have been asked to help teach a series of Beekeeping classes at a local nature center.
    I've also learned what a great feeling it is when friends come up and tell you how great the honey is and do you have more!
    Watching the bees moving in and out of the hives, The smell a hive has when you first open it, What a great pastime!

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    Its supposed to hit 50 here today even though we have a couple of feet of snow on the ground.....can't wait to see bees flying against a snow white background and have a chance to really see how they are doing for the first time in almost 4 months
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    Yep, now we can pray for good weather and nectar flows! Tis a wonderful thing to work with the bees!
    "My child, eat honey, for it is good." (Proverbs 24:13)


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