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    Thumbs Up Mead sharing (lab testing)

    Do you have an in house lab that you use to sample and test your meads? Well so do I. I'd like your lab to test my meads and I'd like my lab to test yours.

    I've shipped meads to comps before for similar testing, none have broken. I have lots available for your lab, what do you have for mine?
    a few other pics there.

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    what have you made here?
    Can you describe what is in the pic?
    Looks like one is raspberry.

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    Those pics are older. I have ready to bottle still in carboys: goldenrod, cinnamon apple, ginger, and one other I do not know what it is.

    I have in carboys not ready to bottle : watermelon and 6 others in back of closet, some might be muscadine wine from grapes I grew.

    On keg I have a blended muscadine mead.

    I have too many varieties bottled to know for sure: Pear mead, muscadine mead, elderberry, cin apple, many straight meads, texas brush honey mead, orange blossom, one mead that I heated with several honeys.

    I have a maple wine and numerous kit wines.

    I have a case of various meads from other locals (have not drank any of yours yet dorado) and a blueberry from Ohio.

    I have some pear mead fermenting and some average perry in grolsches.

    I have fruit bases to start meads with: Red raspberry, elderberry, and black currant. I have a very dark honey with unique taste that I want to ferment also. I also have some chunk honey barely starting to crystallize, I will start playing with that honey also in the next year or two.
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