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    Got a call from a guy I know who asked me to come out and see if there was anything I could do. This tree got dropped, dragged to a clearing and was being junked up until his worker got chased away. Why this guy didn't stop, he must have noticed on a few of the cuts. The property owner felt terrible and wanted me to try and save what was left. I found a canteloupe size cluster still alive so I stood the pieces back up as best I could, figured what have I got to lose? Comb was incredibly long. Owner told workers to be on lookout for this type of thing and leave trees alone if inhabited. We do have some friends.


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    What a waste, So sad.

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    Ugh - that's frustrating-
    If the cantelope is still together and you've stacked them up like they were, they may make it.
    See if they're still alive in a month and feed them when you can.
    At this point you could put on dry sugar or candy if you had a super to protect it.
    Staple tarpaper or black plastic to the box with enough drape that it forms a skirt around the log so water/snow will not enter the hive through the top and cross your fingers.

    Good job in making the effort.

    Take Care,
    Erin Forbes, EAS Master Beekeeper


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