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    Default Is this a right grafting technique?

    Hi there

    Yesterday was my first attempt in trying to graft some larvae! I have killed many of them when I tried to follow the techniques that I have read or learned from the Internet. After many attempts, I came up with an idea that, I dip the grafting tool in the royal jelly and then I use it as a glue to make the larva stick to the tip of the tool by touching it with this tiny drop of royal jelly on the tool. Then I move it to the wax cup and rest it on the royal jelly there.

    So I was wondering is that right, or the larvae would have been affected with such act??!!

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    The larvae breathe through small holes in their sides called spiracles, by dipping the tool in jelly and touching it to the upside of the larva I think you might run the risk of blocking these . Just my thoughts.

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    Different tools work differently. The Chinese grafting tool goes under the larvae and the royal jelly and picks up the pool of jelly with the lavae still floating in it. Most others just pick the larvae up from the jelly.
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