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    Default Thoughts on the AJ Beetle Eater

    After a search the didn't really yield much, I come directly to the experts.

    I have been looking into putting the Beetle Eater into all my hives. I see that they get mentioned once in a while, but I never found any evaluations of the trap.

    Is it worth the cost or not. Maybe a version of fatbeeman's trap would be better.
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    There are two threads that I know of. One is mine with a poll. The poll results were very small but not what I would call encouraging. There is another post where there is a discussion of the need to cover the trap to get the beetles to enter it. That thread was not all that encouraging either. Based on those two threads I feel that fatbeeman's treatment method is one to select.
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    Default Great response

    sorry you guys feel that way here in Australia we have had great numbers of beetle caught in my traps and still catching i am very happy with the results we need to reduce the numbers of shb thats the aim thanks aj

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    rw3212... I must first admit that I do like to tinker with stuff and on occasion play around with catching a few beetles. I have a couple of aj beetle eater traps and would suggest that either my bank roll ain't large enough to buy enough to place enough of those little plastic gizmos into hives to effect the hive beetle population or the trap is by and large ineffective. lastly, given the nature of the product (two simple pieces of extruded plastic) the device is very much EXCESSIVELY priced.

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    Recognizing that results will vary, I have mixed opinions. Yes, I caught and killed some beetles, but I also had some crawl out of the trap all covered in oil. Do they die later? I also had a number of them sitting in the notches of the top part as I pulled up the cover. They sought shelter from the bees, but didn't go all the way into the trap to drown.

    I think the design is excellent, a stroke of genius, but there seems to be a missing piece of the puzzle. I do like the idea of having something in the hive that won't poison my bees or ruin the honey. I will continue to tweak the idea, maybe some kind of attractant with the oil will help?

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