I'm so excited to get started. I have contacted my local bee club and will attend the ANR week at the university in a few weeks. I'm sure all my questions will be answered there, but I was wondering if I will get any honey my first year? I have watched youtube videos and demonstrations about how to put the new queen and bees in your hive, but when do you come back to take out the queen box thingy? I noticed there were were several different ideas about what should be done. One person rubber banded the queen box to the comb, one person put it on the bottom of the box and one person hung it from the top. Since they all seemed to be seasoned beekeepers I am left thinking there is more than one way to do things. I am gathering equimpment and my bees will be here mid april. I really am excited! I am looking forward to the day I can actually reply to a post with an answer. Thanks for all your help.