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    Quote Originally Posted by tecumseh View Post
    the time requirement of growing a business (of whatever type you might wish to discuss) is not the same as the time required for running an established business.
    Very wise advice indeed.

    I would add if you sit down and put a pen and paper to it the income against the amount of capital you have to pour in can be sizeable if you grow fast. If you can work diligently but grow steady you can let the business pay for building itself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Allen Martens View Post
    As I'm reading through the thread I keep thinking:
    You don't want to work harder yourself you want some else to work harder for you.
    Problem is most beeks I run across are the independant sort. This is special work, not just anyone will do it and the hours are irregular and seasonal so it's hard to build up a conglomerate bee business and just sit in the office. Years ago I made it a project to read all of Allen Dick's diaries on beekeeping. It is quite an insight into running a big commercial operation. It takes a couple of months to read through it if you take an hour or two every night - aside from the personal trivia that is interesting mainly to people close to Allen, woven through the diary is a pretty good log of what it is like to run a large operation. Broken down trucks, finding people to do extracting (there's the job to hire out), hiring the guy who is as good as two good men who don't show up, dealing with the weather and honey prices. It's interesting - go back to when he was running thousands of hives. Worth the time.
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