G'day from Oz.

SlickMick here. While all you Beeks from the lands beyond are having a well earned kip we are working in temps in the mid to high 90s

I live in Brisbane, Queensland on the east coast of Oz south of the Great Barrier Reef and east of Uluru.

I have been keeping bees for about 15 years until the 2 hives I had were wiped out by the SHB. Didn't know a thing about the pest until then but I sure do know a lot more now.

I have since caught a couple of swarms and bought a nuc over the past 3 weeks so I am in the process of restocking and enjoying the girls once again.

I sell a bit of honey and make a bit of mead so I am really into the game for the fun of it and the interest.

Other interests include spending a lot of time in my suburban garden and playing archery.. I'm retired and married with 2 adult kids and 3 grandchildren so life is pretty full.

Hope to catch up with some of you over time.

See you around