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    Default foam nuc coating suggestions-that bees won't chew (non foil lined foam board)

    Have been thinking of building a bunch of minis out of foam for quite some time-- I don't currently have any of the "foil lined' foam board, but I do have access to a whole bunch of older beat up pieces of 1" foam board

    design I would probably go with something similar to the plans posted at the nordkeybeefarm (sp) web site. Although I would want to build as doubles with a divider, I think.

    Enough material to make as many minis as I would want, and a good use of all of these small sized scraps... but I tried a 'test' nuc of this stuff last year, and along the lines of what I've read in the archives of this forum, the bees start to chew this stuff really quickly.

    ANY ideas of a non-toxic material to line these with? preferably something I can spray or paint on , but i am open to other thoughts as well. One idea I had was cloroplast -thanks to other members of this board- (corrugated plastic- ie political campaign signs ) but I would really prefer to find something that might go on a little more quickly- and not leave so many edges, gaps etc to be filled.

    thanks for the input!

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    Fiberglass resin......... would paint on quickly and be
    very durable. It doesn't react to urethane based foam
    but not positive about styrene.

    You could put some fiberglass cloth over the frame
    rest area.

    It's fairly inexpensive as well.
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    That's a great idea...fiberglas resin. Thickeners can be added so you can use it as your glue also.

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    Another option would be peel and stick foundation wrap used in the construction industry, such as Resisto or Blueskin. Know a guy who made his nuc boxes out of styrofoam and used this. He claims it works very well.


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