My name is Ben and I currently live in West Tennessee. I will be moving to Tuscaloosa Alabama soon and I am wanting to start raising bees. I am still looking into the local laws in the area around my new home so I may not be able to start this year there. I have a second location where I want to put up some hives (my parent's ranch about 45 min north of Birmingham) so the information will be useful anyway.

I am a complete novice when it comes to beekeeping. I am a 33 year old accountant so this is just a hobby but if I am able to bring in a few bucks that is a bonus. I am something of a geek so I may just end up spending it on the newest bee toys for my honey shack.

I found out about this site from Fentanyl3 on YouTube so if he reads this I want to give him a big "Thank You" for letting me know about this forum.

If you have any questions for me just ask. I can assure you I will do the same.