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    Question EZI type system results in the real world

    As we posted we are going to increase our queen breeding efforts through use of a commercially available system. After researching, the EZI system, about 200 bucks, looks good for what we want to do. Bought it and it seems pretty straight forward. Of course the video, made by the inventors in New Zealand, makes the system look foolproof. I can't imagine I can transfer 420 Larvae from the lay cage to the queen cells in less than 5 minutes but is certainly seems it would expidite things. A couple of questions for those using it or a simlar system:

    1) Does anyone have an average of acceptance rates of Larve once placed into the queen cups under ideal conditions.

    2) The video dude brushes the lay cage with beeswax but not the queen cups? Why wouldn't I wax the queen cups as well?

    3) The New Zealand video states the cage in a well fed, well populated hive, will be drawn out within 4 days on average. Why are the bees not filling the cells with honey during this time and has anyone seen a cage drawn out in 4 days.

    I'm assuming since this is just a knock off of the Jenter System these systems are all very similar in use and results.

    I'm taking my grafting tool just in case!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joel View Post
    I can't imagine I can transfer 420 Larvae from the lay cage to the queen cells in less than 5 minutes...
    That's more than 1 per second. Hard to believe. I don't think I could do anything 420 times in under 1 second @. Well, I guess I could pat my head, or rub my belly...although not both at the same time.


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