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    Wow, I just found out the hard way that a stock Ram 3500 flatbed requires a log book and DOT number even while running empty in CA. The number must be posted on the door because the the GVW is 12000 pounds. The inspector guy on the creeper stated that this was required even if the truck had a standard bed. This is hard to believe because as I cruise down the road most 3500's I see do not have a DOT number posted. I tried to work the not engaging in interstate commerce angle because I was hauling my own cargo, but that did not fly because I had bought my friend who was driving lunch in CA.

    We are averaging one ticket per trip from Oregon to central valley this year with the truck just pulling a forklift and no bees on board. They all have been paperwork or minor fix it tickets, but they always go through the litany of all they stuff they are doing me a favor for not by not writing me up. I suspect they actually could write the extra tickets if they would.

    I cant really believe I really believe we need a DOT number just to pull a forklift into CA with a such a small truck. We only leave our lovely state once a year briefly with bees to help make California nuts... wait a minute... they were nuts down there before I brought them any bees.

    There must be some exemptions for farmers or agriculture for people who do not actually drive for a living. This whole log book thing is a bit much for a small farmer driving a pick-up. By the way, they want to know what you were doing 2 days prior to your departure in your log book. Don't say anything work related or you will get dinged for being on duty too long even if it was not driving related; answering the phone or paperwork counts as on duty time.
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