Hello, I come to you from Columbus Mississippi which is in northern MS. many people are asking me how I got into bees. Well truth be told, my wife and I eat so much honey I just woke up one day and said lets keep bees. So in janurary I ordered two hive and 2 sets of bees along with gear. I've got one hive built and the other is still in the box. My Bees will be here 11 May which is later than I want but I'm okay with it.

I have many hobbies and this just added to it. I have 3 cats, a great dane, a 75 gallon reef aqurium, and now bees. I am currently working as a T-6 flight simulator technician and am going to school full time working on my MBA. Life is busy but I am so excited about beekeeping and nervous at the same time. Now I just have to figure where to put my hives and wait till May!! Wish me luck!!