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    Default Dinner at Sundance's

    Dinner at Sundance’s
    A group from wanted to dine, and socialize on a regular basis. Dragonfly was chosen to prepare the meals, Sundance to supply the food. To impress everyone Sundance decided to serve mushroom smothered bison steak. But since mushrooms are expensive Sundance wanted to use the ones he found growing wild in the woods. Dragonfly told him, “Sundance, you know some wild mushrooms are poisonous!”

    Sundance said, “Don’t worry about it, Dragonfly, just feed my hound dog Ol’ Spot, a big bait o them mushrooms and if they hurt him don’t use them.” So Dragonfly sliced up a big batch o wild mushrooms. Then she went out on the back porch and gave Ol' Spot a heaping double handful. Ol' Spot ate every bite. All morning long, Dragonfly kept her eyes on Ol' Spot but the wild mushrooms didn't seem to affect him, so she used them.

    The meal was a great success and Sundance even hired a French maid to help Dragonfly serve and keep an eye on Ol’ Spot. After everyone finished dining, suddenly, Sundance’s French maid ran in shouting, “Monsieur Sundance, Ol’ Spot he be dead!!!”

    Sundance went into hysterics. He called SantaCruzBee and told him what had happened.
    SantaCruzBee said, “That's bad, but I can take care of it. Call an ambulance and I will be there as quickly as possible. We'll pump out their stomachs. Everything will be fine. Just keep calm.”

    Soon SantaCruzBee wheeled into the driveway leading an ambulance full of EMTs. SantaCruzBee and the EMTs ran up the front steps with stomach pumps in hand. One by one, they took everyone into the bathroom, and pumped out their stomach.

    As SantaCruzBee was leaving, Sundance’s French maid came in and said, “Monsieur Sundance, that fellow what run over Ol' Spot, he drive by again!”
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    Scrap Iron........... go to your room! Good one.
    Closing in on retirement.......

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    That's good, and it sounds suspiciously like a joke of the Cajun variety.
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