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    Default Minnesota wax moths?

    Do we have them? I am new at the beekeeping so was curious. Harold

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    Cool If not, what do you catch all those perch through the ice with?

    Yes we do have wax moths in the north. They are usually not a problem until later in the warm season as they freeze out in sub-freezing temperatures.

    They will destroy comb in dead outs if not picked up. These colonies typically have pollen stored in the comb left over from the absence of brood subsequent to queen problems which led up the the colony's demise. The wax moths thrive on the pollen.

    Once established in stored equipment or dead outs they multiply exponentially and can be quite devastating.

    So far as extracted comb later in the season not much of a problem if stored in an unheated area and the eventuallity of freezing temperatures.

    Don't worry you will know them when you see them.


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