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    Default South Florida Feral Bee Cutout Videos

    I am new to beekeeping, and had an opportunity to remove some bees from a garage roof peak. This is my second cutout and it went really well. Part of my success is due to the bee vac I built using this design:

    There has been a lot of talk about AHB in South Florida, however I have yet to run into any aggressive feral colonies, not to say they are not here, I have had a friend that was attacked after he got a little close to a colony with his lawnmower and was stung about 50 times. I have been fairly close to this hive without protection and have had no attacks.

    We really had a nice day removing the bees and setting them up in their new hive. I may have lost 10 - 15% In the transaction, which I think is pretty good. The bee vacuum worked very well, I am really impressed!

    I took some short videos of my work for you all to see. In the vids we remove a nice size colony from garage, these bees are quite gentle.



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    Default Thanks for sharing


    Welcome to the forum. That Robo link was was very helpful as well as your video. Very impressive. I've been wanting to make one of those for a while but I hadn't seen a design that looks easy to make, allowed standard hive bodies and frames to be used, and used a wet-dry vac without it needing to be modified.

    I also greatly appreciate you showing it in use as you remove a large hive. Great post.

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    Open-air comb removals... wish I got a few like that!
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    Enjoyed that very much. Thanks.

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    Thanks everyone, yes I really am impressed with how the vac worked and was gentle with the bees. The hose is 2 1/2 diameter and 20 feet long, very few bees were killed in the process.

    Open air removals are pretty sweet, the other cutout I did was inside a brick wall with some pretty aggressive bees, so I was thankful this one was so simple.

    Couple of mods to the bee vac, and Rob has mentioned this too in the comment replies, I would put some weather stripping on the edges to make a better seal. We solved this by using some tape around the gaps.

    If you want to see some better photos of the vac you can do so here.

    Thanks again for the input and comments.


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    Good videos!
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