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Thread: Nuc timing

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    Default Nuc timing

    I'm planning to overwinter as many nucs as I can in the fall/winter of 2009-2010. I'm trying figure out when the latest time to make a nuc would be for simply overwintering them. Here are my approximate nectar flows:

    May 1st - June 15th...very strong spring flow. A hive that built up really well in the spring will put up between 25-50lbs of harvestable honey.

    June 15th - July 1st....a weak flow. A good hive will still put up 15lbs of harvestable honey.

    July 1st - August 15th durring this flow a good hive will usually put up 50-100lbs of harvestable honey.

    August 15th...derth.

    Then we usually have a fall flow, but it seems to be a little hit and miss.

    Anyway....I'm wondering if it would be a bad idea to make nucs around August 10th. If I can, I'd like to split each hive into four nucs and overwinter. So my question is, would this be to late to make nucs for overwintering?

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    sounds like a very local question...

    I think/suspect michael palmer does about as you describe. he might be the best authority as far as your question is concerned.

    I would have ideas in regards to doing the same here.... but the limitations here are quite a bit different from those at your location (at least that is what I suspect).

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndianaHoney View Post
    Anyway....I'm wondering if it would be a bad idea to make nucs around August 10th.
    The downside, from what you've described, is that you'll be making your nucs at the beginning of a nectar dearth. If you will have enough drawn comb and don't need the girls to draw any additional....then that wouldn't be an issue.
    Otherwise, since I'm not a northern beekeeper I'll let those who are add their two cents worth.
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