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    i'm starting two hives in my yard this spring. I've kept bees before. When I was a boy, my dad and my great grandpa both had hives. Is it ok to use the old equipment for my bees? It has been stored in the barn loft for 10+ years. Is it possible that there might be mites or something still there after all that time? what can I use to clean them if there are? It's a lot of equipment, so I would hate to buy new and start over. Thanks


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    The equipment can be cleaned up and used just fine with the exception of disease like American Foulbrood which if the colonies that were in the equipment had the disease and died from it then if you put bees in the equipment it will be fatal. If you had a family member who knows why they stopped beekeeping then that may give you some insite. I would use it otherwise.

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    Default Old Equipment

    You can wash it with ( 1 teaspoon of purex to 1 gal. of water).Like Ruben said, I would ask someone if they knew why the bees died? There won't be any mites on the equipment.Good luck. Jack

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    Like the others mentioned, Foulbrood would be the only reason not to use previously used equipment. Another way to disinfect the equipment would be to scorch the inside of the supers with a propane torch, I a the fluffy flame attachment.
    But this is still risky, try and find out the history of the equipment.
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