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    Default Re: f) How do you install a nuc?

    To transport, I have a large, sheet bug net, for black flys and so on, purchased at the local hardware or sports store cheap, throw it over the nuc or package or hive, for insurance against strays in the car.

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    Default Re: f) How do you install a nuc?

    How long will it take a new nuc to draw comb on 2 8-frame medium supers?
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    Default Re: f) How do you install a nuc?

    entirely too many variables there! The first is nucs range tremendously in strength and size. If it is a good honest five frame, it could be drawn out in a month if they have good weather, good flows or lots of feed. Just be sure you are ready because they can always surprise you to the upside and if you are not ready, they swarm and you lose you crop and maybe your colony. If they have the best of it, they can make a big crop. Depends on the year and the bees.


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