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    Default early feeding for buildup

    I often hear folks talk about feeding 1:1 in later winter to induce an early buildup before the beginning of the flow, but I also see people say the bees won't take liquid syrup when it's below 50F. This seem kinda contradictory. It's going to be warm here this weekend (60's) and all next week so I'm gonna start giving it to em but I wondered if anyone had any thought on this issue. I thought I'd open feed and bring the bucket in at night so it stays warm then put it out in the day


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    My bees were flying at 42F today to an open feeder at the back of my yard. The bees haven't seemed really interested in some 1:1 I put in top feeders. I suspect the temperatures for the next couple of days here will allow for breaking of the cluster and warming of the 1:1 in the hive enough that the bees may take some. I don't know whether the difference is that the external feed placed in the sun is warmer or whether bees that fly out and forage in the cooler temperatures are "tougher" than the bees that remain in the hive and will take what they can find. It's a puzzle.

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    If it is warm enough for the cluster to break up then they can feed. The problem sometimes is that the actual feed is too cold for them to take. Taking it in at night and bringing it back warm the next day should take care of that problem and allow your bees to feed.

    good luck
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