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    Default package or nuc production

    I've been sidelining for 6 years now (~25 hives) and have planning a retirement driven move into getting more serious about my beek ambitions. Have been toying with getting serious about selling nuc's. Problem is i don't really have an idea if the demand is really there. Is it realistic to move 500-600+ nucs a year or are packages a better business? Is it realistic to be that small in the business?

    I am in a weak area for honey, 50lbs a year is a good year unless I want to go into the trucking business. We are long on pollen but short on nectar - too dry. There are spotty soybeans and pollenation opportunities for melons and pumpkins (but even less nectar). There are pecans too but they don't pay.

    There is cotton about 8 hours one way and tallow 6 hours the other way.

    Basicly it just boils down to I can raise lots of bees but it's hard scrabble to try and make it on honey around here. Thought I'd give it some serious consideration. Any advice?

    Thanks for any advice you've got.
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