Actually I'm in Nepal writing this post. Together with a gruop of researchers lead by Austrian scientist Prof. Dr. Gerald Kastberger from Graz University we're examining the "Communication and defense behaviour of Asian Giant Honeybee Apis dorsata in Nepal". Gerald Kastberger published the documentary "The magic trees of Assam" about Giant Honeybees in India, he's a well known specialist of Apis dorsata and their behaviour.

It's highly interesting to see these Giant Honeybees, their colonies on trees or watertanks, foraging behaviour and last but not least their defense behaviour.

They are very fast. You feel the sting until you see them coming to you... And they are able to attack their enemies by mass attacks.

Details can be seen here, most pages are available in english or will be translated soon.

Day by day, I will upload new picture galleries. Last week of our stay we will go to Annapurna Basecamp. It is said that the world's biggest bee, Apis laboriosa, builds their combs in this region on the rocks of Himalaya.

Greetings from Nepal

Klaus Maresch