I'm to the point where my 450's and 550's just don't cut the mustard anymore and I'm going to buy a bigger truck hopefully by april or may. I know there have been a few threads on trucks but if you could humor me with a few questions.

If you had it to do again what truck would you get and what bells and whistles?

Cummins, Cat, DT, Mercedes, etc.?
Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Pete., etc.?
Lock-in rear differential?
How heavy of axles?
How long of bed? I'm thinking 25 feet. 288 hives.
sleeper, or is this just a waste of space?
What other options?

I'm not going to truck all my bees myself to California so I wont add a trailer to this and pull 400+ hives. Only a forklift trailer. I don't want too huge of a cab because some pollination locations are somewhat tight.

Last week While placing my bees in the almonds I rented an international that I could haul 192 hives on. Worked great, sure beat the 80 or 120 I can put on my 550. Anyway, I think a 10 wheeler would be even better. Just not real familiar with the bigger trucks. Not sure what questions to ask or what to look out for. If anyone with experience in these bigger trucks could give some advice on what to avoid and what to look for I would greatly appreciate it.