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    O.K. My apologies if this post seems esoteric or vague, but I have recently rediscovered a method of giving mead the "structure" that some feel it lacks relative to the over oaked branded purple wines marketed in PA state stores at this time.
    I made an favorite mead of mine and used unpasteurized pollen granules from my hives to infuse the mead with nutrients. The pollen also provided the mead with a perfect degree of acidity and a wonderful "back bone" that has aged marvelously. Several people of both genders have tried this mead and found that it is well balanced, though lacking in tannins. I have not yet given it to any tasters >65 yrs, but I felt the need to share this technique:

    Ferment a 5 gallon batch as usual, then rack it. When racking, heat 1 pint of dH2O to 140 degrees F. Add 100 g honey, cool to 120 F, then add 1/4 cup local fresh pollen granules/bee bread. Immediately pitch into the racked mead. The bitterness of the pollen dissipates with aging and is replaced with a mild, nutty lactic sourness. I comtemplated keeping this secret to give myself a leg -up in the competitions, but felt so enthusiastic about the results that i had to share. Please let me know your experiences if you try this. Hal
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    I've heard anecdotal stories but no one has really shared a recipe with results. Thanks for sharing! Now I REALLY need to get a pollen trap...
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