Derek having a new baby was so happy he took his wife down friday evening to the local jewelry story to buy her something special. After explaining to the jeweler the occasion. The jeweler showed them a $5000.00 necklace. his wife looked it over but didnt seem real excited so Derek asked if he had anything better. The jeweler went to his safe and got a necklace out of his personal collection that he priced at $40,000 Derek seeing his wifes eyes light up said thats the one. He pulled out the checkbook and wrote a check. The jeweler looking at Derek didnt think he was able to cover the check asked if he could hold the necklace until monday when he could call the bank to confirm the check was indeed good. Derek told the jeweler that would be fine. with that he left with his very happy wife in tow. Come monday morning the Jeweler called the bank only to find out he didnt have the funds to cover the check. The Jeweler called Derek to let him know what he had found out. Derek told the jeweler he was aware of the insufficient funds in his account to cover the check but then said. "I bet you would sure like to know about the weekend that necklace got me with the wife."