This erks me! Why are neighbors such a pain? I have to go back and read all the posts but I couldn't help but say something. I have a problem neighbor too. I'm getting my first bees in April and in the past my neighbor has told me he (in the past ) has killed bees in his yard because he didn't like see them all over his plants. Dahh: scratch: I told him how good they are for us and did not tell him I am getting bees. I am even going to put color on my boxes so he can't see them well.

You, my friend need first to put a sign in her direction "No Transpassing" (Any Attorney will tell you that) and to have a video watch your boxes. Or if you see her in your yard snap a picture and call the police to have her Arrested. Let them take her downtown and see how she likes it behind bars for awhile. I'll loan you one of my Warlock Doberman to tie by your boxes. See how close she wants to come the boxes then.