I know ou guys hate this kinda drama but I need some advice.

I have a single bee hive in my back yard along one wall and severl stacks of unused Hive boxs and stuff stacked there too. (A swarm moved into one of those stacks last summer.) I've enjoyed watching them come and go and do their thing. Recently I've noticed that there was a large number of dead bees around the hive. I thought it was because of the cold spells we have been having off and on here in Phoenix and maybe the lack of food. Then a couple days ago I noticed something on the wall. It was a can of bug spray. The naghbor lady and her son have been straying poison on my bee hive and stored Hive equipment. When I confronted her about it yesterday to get her to stop, all she wanted to do was argue and twist my words around. She believes she has a right to do what ever she wants. She wouldn't agree to stop spraying poison on my stuff or listen to me telling her why she shouldn't do that or that she had no right to do so. She ended up calling the cops thinking that they would do something for her.

The cop showed up. got her side of the story. Got my side of the story. I was told that technicly I had the right to sue her for any damage she may have caused and that he would tell her to stop spraying my property. he took a report and left. I know this isn't going to stop her. The cop told her che could spray all she wanted on her property. I dont' think she'd care if she got over spray on my side of the wall.

She's nuts. No, really. She's been fighting with the people on the other side of her since she moved in. She called the cops on them sunday afternoon becaus they were making too much noice and she couldnt' sleep. All they were doing was sitting in their driveway, talking with friends and family and watching their kids play in the front yard. She went out and turned the hose on them. then called the cops to make them be more quiet.

If she is unhappy, she trys to make the people around her unhappy. I've known her my who life just about. She's my best friends Sister who just bought the house next to me a few months ago. I could write a book about all the drama she as caused with the family over the years.

Any advice on how to deal with this would be a help. What options I might explore if legal action is required. Yeah. I know. get a layer. Going in with a plan would be a big help too.

The only proof I have that they poisoned the hive is the can of spray I found and their word that they did it. she admitted it to me when I asked her about it and then again to the cop when he asked her what was going on.

the hive is still alive but I don't know for how long. from what I've seen and from what she said, they have been spraying out there since at least late October. First I noticed anything was late November.

If worst comes to worst and I have to sue her, how do you figure the valoue of bees or the extent of the damage. I don't know exactly what got poisoned and how much. Most of the stuff is old med boxs with empty frames. All the frames were in reusable shape when I stacked everything. I threw away all the bad stuff. There was also a stacm of new Large boxes with drawn out frames I got from a friend who had a hive die on him.

I plan to move the stuff to another part of the yard where it would be harder for her to get to but still, some of those wasp strays shoot 20 feet from the can so it is impossable for me to keep things compleatly out of her reach.

Seems like I have no choice but to assume everything has been poisoned and not reusable. I dont' think a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint would remove the poison.