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that you have fed.
I have fed 1gram/gallon syrup.......makes some colonies cluster on the outside... but seen no damage otherwise. Think recommended dosage in Spain was .44gm/gallon.Also fed fumidil -B seperately in syrup. I understand thymol also hinders varroa developement
I use 0.25 gram/gallon as a mold preventative. It also happens to coincide with a concentration of 0.44 mM thymol which is what was used in a 3-year study done in Turkey comparing its effectiveness with that of fumidil. I have never used it as a varroa treatment so I can't comment on that. I also use thymolated syrup when I mix my pollen patties, again as a mold preventative. Some have questioned how effective Thymol treatment is on Nosema since the results of the Turkey study have not officially been duplicated. I have chosen to use it over other mold preventatives in the hopes that there is some validity to that study. For a raging verified active Nosema infestation, it still seems that fumidil is the only treatment that provides a more verifiable immediate result.