My five year old son has had sinus problems for the last two years. Last summer we got to the point where doctors wanted to remove his adnoids and tonsils in order to stop the frequent infections. Antibiotics given orally didn't seem to phase the infections and he was given shots on a regular basis until we could schedule a surgery.
My son is also my beekeeping sidekick so we eat alot of honey together. I started to notice that the infections were only occuring when we weren't eating that much honey and i asked my wife to make sure that he ate a spoonfull a day... We had no problems for quite a while. We quite going to the doctors office altogether.
This winter we have slacked off a little on the honey feedings and over this last weekend he began to show a massive sinus infection. He had a slight fever by Friday night but the doctor didn't want to see him until Monday morning and so we fed him a few spoonfulls of honey and I finnally mixed some honey and water and gave it to him as a sinus rinse.
This morning was his appiontment with the doctor, but my wife had to call and cancel as the infection is almost GONE!
He is still a little snotted up but the improvement is hard to deny and faster than we have seen in the past with prescribed antibiotics!