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    Question To Bait or Not To Bait...That is the question

    I got a TBH for Christmas and am in the process of building another. Im in California and we have had a few unseasonably warm days with the expectation of more to come...
    I plan on catching a swarm to populate my TBH's with but Im wondering about baiting.
    What are the chances I will actually attract a swarm of bees?
    What are the chances I will attract something I dont want?
    How EXACTLY do I go about baiting in a TBH? (I dont have any existing hives)


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    Quote Originally Posted by kaisfate View Post
    How EXACTLY do I go about baiting in a TBH? (I dont have any existing hives)
    well, first you have to find a hook big enough for the fish that will eat a TBH....(sorry, i couldn't resist).

    it's always possible that some less desirable stinging insect will move in...but i wouldn't let that stop you.

    you can bait with pheromone (from the bee supply houses) which is probably best. some use citrus oils (lemongrass and lemon are popular)....this is widely repored effective. the pheromone lure will come in a little tube you put in the hive...if you use the oil, it's probably best to put it on a piece of scrap wood (or Popsicle stick) and place it in the hive.


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    If your looking to catch a swarm, then you might as well set up a bunch of empty containers around wherever you can to increase your chances. (some people call these "swarm traps"). I think there have been some discussions about what type of "swarm traps" you can use. You can even put some cardboard boxes around, or sono tubes (make sure to close the top and bottom and leave a small hole for the entrance) , whatever you have laying around. That way, if you do catch a swarm in one of those swarm traps, you can just empty the bees out into your hive. You might also want to try setting out the swarm traps at different heights.

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    I'm in L A and I caught 12 swarms last year in the Pulp Swarm Traps. Each swarm trap had a Lure in it. My two swarm traps were in one tree.With the lure they will find the trap
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    Default Swarm traps

    Like kirko & samak hinted, elevate +-6' in partial sun. Old comb is a good lure also if you can obtain some. I've heard many times that the liquid lure works very well. If you sign up with PD & FD you'll surely get some easy ones ( swarms )specially in SLO.

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    I'd buy a package and set a bunch of bait hives (any old box with bait will do).
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