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    Default Free Bees for Pollination?

    If a small beekeeper 100 to 150 colonies wanted to send his bees south for the winter with a commercial operation for pollination and that commercial beekeeper would use those bees and gain the pollination money from those 100 to 150 bees. Then come the next spring return those bees back to the smaller operation for no fee. For example small beekeeper uses the bees for the spring summer fall, feed medicate and take care of them until time to ship them to Cali. or where ever. Once they are used for pollination the commercial beekeeper who takes them gets the money but then the next spring has to return them back to the small beekeeper and does not charge the small beekeeper for any care for those bees. Would someone be interested in doing this?

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    Default Free bees.

    Prepare to get your self scalped!
    Think it over and see what you gain or lose.
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    There are a few in Wis that do it that way. They get a new queen and a guarantee that there are bees in the box. all treatments are done by the time they get them back.

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    Boy, not me. Been there, done that. You take care of them for the whole year, and the pollinator reaps the reward. They requeen your hives? They better, because the queens burn out faster than if they wintered up north. And the moving takes its toll.

    I sent 400 to Florida in '98. I was promised back 400 it top shape...splittable. He got the citrus honey. I was supposed to get 1 drum of citrus. Supposed to.

    I got 400 colonies back with 15% hoplessly queenless. 50% of the queens failed on the main flow.

    They came back with AFB, wicked case of Chalkbrood, and mites like I never saw before. It took me two years to recover.

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    I'm only a second generation comm. beekeeper. I wouldn't do this kind of business to a fellow beekeeper. We are a dieing breed as it is. This sound to much like bottom feeding.

    If you are a honey producer, this is like the packer offering you $.45 a pound for your honey. The honey producer buys the equipment and the bees and does all the work to produce a crop. Just so the packer get it for next to nothing.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    You had better know and trust the beek completely. I have talked to guys who got their bees back weak and starving in deals like that.
    Pollination is no picnic and all kinds of bad things can and do happen.

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    Thumbs down Keep your bees at HOME

    I just think your asking for problems. That sound good for the comm. beekeeper. I think Calf. has enough bees and beekeepers to do the job. This moving bees from coast to coast I think is a big problem. Just like SD for the large corps of honey. Come on guy, keep your bees at home.
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