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    We have recently had some discussions happening in our chat room that fall far below the standards we try to maintain on Beesource. And while all of the forum rules and etiquette's are implied to include all functions of the site. It may be misunderstood that the chat room is in someway exempt from those requirements. This is to inform and express without prejudice that all rules and guidelines established for these boards also apply to the chat room in their entirety. Those rules are to be and will be enforced with the same consequences as they are measured on the boards themselves. If you aren't familiar with these rules, you are encouraged to inform yourself prior to entering the chat room discussions. You will find the latest revision here;

    It should also be know by all, that every discussion in our chat rooms are recorded and reviewed by the moderators every day. All rooms and private chat discussions are included in those scripts. Moderators in the chat room have the ability of overseeing any and all rooms without appearing to anyone logged into the rooms. Everyone should always assume that moderators are present anytime the chat rooms are in use.

    Everyone should know that these methods are not used as a means of prying into anyones privacy but more so as a means of protecting our members, and this sites integrity by enforcement of it's policies of conduct.

    The intention of having our chat room is to provide an alternative format to the forums. Provide information, fun and enjoyment to our members. We ask that all hold that mindset while using the rooms and help us keep it friendly and enjoyable for everyone.

    Thank you all in advance, I know you will do your best!

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