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    Default Dragon fly tells bullsey she wants to make history

    One afternoon while setting around Dragonfly was Talking to Bullseye telling him how unfair it was that man was first at everything. They was the first to the moon, the first to cross the oceans, First to fly and so forth. Dragonfly told Bill She was going to prove once and for all that a blonde woman could do something first. Bill being curious asked Dragonfly just what is was she was going to do. She started in about how she was going to be the first person to land on the sun. Bill in disbelief told here she must be a true blonde that actually landing on the sun would be bright, hot, and physically impossible. Dragon fly look at bill and sayed" Dah" Im not going to do it in the daylight Im going to do it at night."
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    Icarus tried it, also. His wings were held on with wax, it melted and he didn't quite make it. Should have gone at night, I guess!


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