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    Default Wax Moths down South

    Can someone down south give me some heads up on the wax moth?

    If I take some comb down to south Texas now, will I have problems with the moths by late March when my bees come back from Cali?


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    Default wax moths

    1. yes - depending on where you are they are active into november and march, if you go to the coast they are active all year

    2. spray it down with down with certan
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    perhaps you should be a bit more specific on where in south Texas. the answer to your question may also somewhat vary depending on year.

    for this location up till March I would suggest that you would have little problem. we can and do have moth here almost 12 months of the year but the cool snaps keeps them fairly inactive. on some years it can warm up pretty quickly and the wax moth can get to be a problem awfully fast.

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    Hi Dave
    While we don't have beetles (YET!) the problem those that I know who go to Texas have is not so much in the hives themselves. They ALL came back with beetles in their outfit. The strong colonies handle them well, but small splits or mini mating nucs have serious trouble with them. A larger problem can be in the extracting room. The beetles get into the hot room and wreak havoc there.
    Typically we have 3-5 days boxes pulled and waiting for the extracting crew, so it can sit for up to a week before they get to it. If beetles are in those boxes they can pretty much trash the stuff within a week, I hear. Also, they will get in the cappings if they aren't rendered quickly. By winter, when we typically run the cappings through the melter those cappings will be junk. I have been told that if you can extract and render your wax immediately and not heat your extracting area in the winter you won't have too much of a problem.


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