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    Question Possible Syrup Feeding Setup?

    Hi Guys,
    I'm looking for a way to feed nucs and hives with a pump system. I came across this possibility :

    My thinking is one could easily mount this on top of a drum or storage tank in the back of a pick-up. It would seem one could easily use a 20-30' clear vinyl hose and in-line ball valve on the output for filling frame feeders.
    My only worry would be the need for a bypass valve in case the pressure got to high. Is or has anyone used this type pump and setup?

    I have researched the 5 h.p. water pump setup but feel it is to big for me right now.

    All input is appreciated!


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    belt ,I think it would work fine, but If I was going to use it to feed I would tee off the discharge side with a tee and put in another control valve to control the flow rate.
    You can get 1 of those adjustable flow control valves from tractor supply stores, they have a brass one or a plastic one. It's in the weed spraying section.

    That way if you shut the discharge off, to go to the next hive the pump will keep pumping on bypass. By the way tractor supply has those 12 volt pumps too. Their a little cheaper.

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    Default Pump

    I have used a pressure demand pump like the ones that are used for RV's.
    It's simple and cost effective,
    My website

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