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    Default Honey production

    I have a question that maybe someone in the honey making bussiness can answer. I run 50 hives, Most are 2-3 deep 6 5/8 supers. I'm making a big split this spring. My question is, can I make honey ( add queen excluder) to a single deep that has 5-8 frames of brood and strong bees and make honey without the treat of swarms? I only ask because I have a good demand for honey this year but know making splits will weaken the honey production if I go with my normal 2-3 medium supers. My new hives will be standard depth but in 8 frame. Bottom line, do any of you make honey with single story hives? And I should add that in the southeast part of the state im located the honey flow is May to Late June. We normally experince our last frost around the week of Easter.......
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