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    Default Int. Mead Festival

    We were just at Boulder, Colorado this past week & visited Redstone Meadery. David, his wife and their helper are wonderful, friendly people. I highly recommend their Cinnamon/Vanilla honey wine & their Juniper Berry honey wine. The Juniper is the finest dry wine we've tried and my wife & I do not like dry wines typically. They bottle only in blue grolsch-type bail/stopper bottles which makes it even more unique, but adds to the cost.

    He said there will be no IMF this year. That is too bad, especially since it was always at Valentine's Day and all. Meadlennium and others I can't recall are going to be it now for competitions. Last year, the IMF was basically called off for lack of sponsorship and it was a competition only with no events or attendance.

    On another note, has anyone entered mead at State Fairs? Do they typically have a category just for mead or place it in with all the other amateur wines? We didn't see any mead in the amatuer wine competition at last years Ks. State Fair and would like to maybe enter some if any of my batches mellow (or even last that long).

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    Announcing the Mazer Cup International, sponsored by Gotmead!!

    Two heavyweights in the Mead world have partnered to bring a new era of mead competitions to the International Mead Community. The MAZER CUP, started by Ken Schramm, Dan McConnell and Mike O'Brien quickly became the de-facto standard for mead competitions in North America and set the standard for all of the mead-only competitions that followed.

    With support from Ken Schramm, Dan McConnell and Mike O'Brien, has picked up the baton and is bringing the Mazer Cup, possibly the most well-known mead competition, back from its hiatus. In keeping with the original Mazer Cup, our competition will give mazers to the winners of our home competition. We are also holding a worldwide commercial mead competition, and will be awarding new and distintive medals that we hope will soon become a coveted achievement in the commercial meadmaking market.

    The team managing and supporting this event came out of the same team that brought you the hugely successful 2006, 2007 and 2008 HMMC (Home Meadmakers Competition). We are dedicated to bringing you the best competition we can!
    Competition Details
    The competitions will be held in Boulder, Colorado, at the Outlook Hotel, April 17-19.

    We are now putting our judging team and support staff together, and will be contacting those who have helped with the old Meadfest competitions.

    We will be holding both home and commercial competitions, and will start accepting entries about a month out from the event.

    Join us in welcoming back the Mazer Cup!!! Keep an eye out here, and at, where we will be updating soon with more details on the competitions.


    Vicky Rowe and Petar Bakulic, Owners,, and
    Glenn Exline, Dani Exline, Sheron Rowland, Ken Schramm & Wayne Boncyk, the MazerCup International Staff

    The calendar entry is here:

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    This is great, thanks for posting the info. and keeping us updated. I'll be sending some in for the compition.

    As wonderful as this life is, there are days I really look forward to the next. :)


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