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    The State is broke and I have been noticing more CHP side of the road inspections going on.
    Anyway,I got flagged at the I-5 scales and written up for no MCP(motor carrier permit).I have driven the same truck (77 F350 10000 GVW))through these scales for years without ever being stopped. The way I read the law is 10,001 lbs and up GVW is the dividing line for the commercial truck, OR any truck used to haul OTHER peoples property for compensation. The CHP dude claimed ANY truck used for profit of ANY type had to have the MCP. Am I wrong on this?
    Will be on the phone Monday to try to get clarification.
    Because the increased insurance cost would be more than the truck is worth,I will just non -op it (a tank of gas is worth more than the truck).
    I like the small flatbeds because so many of my yards are too tight for anything bigger.
    Any thoughts or comments appreciated.
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