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    Default bullseye riverrat and derek play little league

    back in their youth Riverrat, Derek, and bullseye Bill all played baseball together on the same little league team. It was the bottom of the ninth there team was down by 2 with 2 outs. Riverrat steps to the plate and on the very first pitch hits a double. his dad being the proud papa of Da Rat stood up and yelled thats my boy he eats a bowl of wheaties every morning.

    Bullseye steps up to the plate and smashed a triple scoring riverrat. His dad being even prouder of little Bill. Stands up and yells thats my boy he gets up every morning and eats 2 bowls of wheaties.

    Derek steps up to the plate swings at the first 3 pitches and strikes out. his Dad being ever so proud of his boy. stand up and says thats my boy he eats exlax every morning. and he doesnt have the runs.
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    Did you come up with that?
    Bullseye Bill in The Scenic Flint Hills , KS

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    I forget rat?? Did you say you wanted me to move or DELETE this thing??
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