Okay, so... I'm going to attempt to build one of each type of beehive in relatively common usage around the world. (Yeah, I know big task, so I'm not going to do it all at once.) I already have plans and/or dimensions for the following hive types:

* Langstroth (eight and ten frame plus assort nucleus designs)
* Warre
* Layens
* Dadant-Blatt
* William Broughton Carr (WBC)
* Brittish National
* Adansonian

If anyone has plans for these others, I'd really appreciate it:

* Zander
* German National
* Norwegian "trough" hive
* anything else I might be forgetting, including those designed for the asiatic honeybee

Language of the plans doesn't matter if accompanied by even half-decent drawings. I've already pretty much decided that horizontal top-bar hives come is such a bewildering variety that I'm not going to mess much with them.