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    Default The cup candles 100% beeswas?

    Hi my first year as a beekeeper, been exciting.
    Today I made my first candle from the beeswas.
    It burned with a smaller flame then those non beeswas you buy in stores, but after 5hours it died.
    There were still lots of wax left, so I lighted again and it burned perfect, like one from stores, for 30 sec, then the flame got really small and it died again.

    So now I wonder schould i mix something into the wax?

    How do you make your beeswax candles?

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    It sounds like maybe your wick isn't large enough.

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    I also don't think your wick was big enough. My beeswax candles have a very high flame. What kind of candle did you make (i.e. pillar, votive, container)?

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    Thanks for the advice.
    I will try with larger whicks


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